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Our goal is to become a one-stop point to improve the sport we love. Swimming is a lifestyle. It is not something you do for a few years, but something you do every day.

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The objective of my Swim Portal is to provide a place for swimmers and coaches to find services, products, and information about swimming.

Swimmers will find Clinics and events to improve their techniques. For coaches, a way to offer their services to a very specialized public.

Social Integration

Swimming is a passport. At young age it is a passport for challenges like social integration, making new friends, learning discipline and most of all, learning that you plant you harvest.

Swim is a passport

As a young adult, swim is a passport for many trips ad adventures, meeting new people, new places, cities, even countries. Also, can be a passport to college and university.


My Swim portal was created to help swimmers in several aspects of the sport.

Swim Fast, better technique, better performance, more powerful strokes and kicks, and also preserve energy if you are a Triathlete.

You can swim faster by developing a better technique, more powerful stroke, but also, by changing your body position, reducing the drag and preserve energy.

My swim portal was specifically designed for swimmers to develop their skills for faster racing!


My Swim Portal is providing Swimming Clinics in South Florida for swimmers and Triathletes.
The clinics are held at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, in Coral Springs Fl, but we are expanding soon to other locations.

Throughout every session there will be stroke development, technique work, detailed explanations, opportunities to challenge yourself, as well as lots of laughs.

The Coaches


Sandro Herek

Sandro is ASCA Level 5 Coach and have helped many swimmers in advanced swimming strategies for races and mindset for great performance.
As a swimmer, Sandro has over 35 years of experience and currently is in the top 3 swimmers in his age group in USA and Top 10 in the world.


For the clinic

For individuals that want to understand better their weaknesses and strengths and also want to improve their level of performance in the water, we will also offer video analysis and feedback on your stroke of choice. You will get all the videos in a pen drive, with suggestions of drills that will make you more efficient in the water, therefore, swimming faster.

For continue improving

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

It’s all about you! This is where one of our coaches spends an hour committed to improving your technique.

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Become water safe as quickly as possible and learn to swim using proper stroke mechanics from the beginning.